Special Offers

Michele is appreciative of your business, so from time to time she presents special offers. Her experience & versatility also allow her to offer something a little different to other celebrants.   Michele is only a phone call away & ready to discuss the possibilities with you.  Call today!


Your heart is my hideout, it’s the best place to be. If you think small words count and they cover great thoughts, I want you to know this text locks together our hearts.”

Using simple or engraved heart shapes or jewellery (there are masses of sites and places to purchase these) you can forever lock your enduring love with your beloved. Once a couple close a lock together, just as the lock cannot be unlocked, nor can their love and commitment to one another. The ritual symbolizes opening your hearts, and your lives to one another. Your partner is the key that has made this love possible. In the ceremony, you fasten this love in absolute, eternal unity.

Why not consider a brief ceremony to lock your hearts with your loved one on Valentine’s Day to celebrate your engagement or for a special anniversary/occasion?  Contact Michele to discuss the possibilities.

Offer - GAY COMMITMENT & future Marriage CEREMONY

If Michele conducts your gay commitment ceremony in 2016, you will receive a $100 voucher towards a marriage ceremony at a later date with her. You can use this if you choose for Michele to conduct your legal gay marriage if the Marriage Act changes.

In the meantime why not consider getting a group of gay friends together for a day of pop-up commitments – just tell Michele the date & location!  Remember, when you have a pop-up most of the hard work in arranging is done for you at a fraction of the price of a wedding.


Refer friends and/or family for any service with Michele to receive a voucher!


Recently broken up or divorced? This is often a difficult & sensitive time. Just as you can lock hearts you can also unlock them. So why not consider unlocking your heart & throwing away the key with this ceremony!   Gather your friends and/or family, a little champagne, & participate in this ‘moving on’ ritual to celebrate a new beginning?  No doubt some family &/or friends with support you with this transition.

Michele is only a phone call away & ready to discuss the possibilities with you.  Call today!